Register with us

If you are interested in registering with ourselves please check to make sure that you live within our boundary map. Please enter your postcode below -


If you  wish to join the practice you can pick up a registration form from reception, or fill it in online

There are two forms you need to fill in to register.  Please complete BOTH forms as best as you can, these forms give us different information. Please make sure you add your NHS NUMBER which can be found on your GP app, a prescription, a hospital letter or you could ask your current GP practice.  It is 10 numbers long and is unique to you and your health record.

You can return  your completed forms in a few different ways:

1. Bring your completed forms to the surgery and bring a proof of your address, such as a driving licence, utility bill or rental agreement.  A friend or relative can also drop them in for you.

2.  Return your forms by email to: GP.N82058@NHS.NET, but don't forget to include the proof of address.

3.  Returns your forms in the post, including a photocopy of your proof of address.

Also check your PHONE NUMBER is correct - if there is a problem with your form and we cannot register you, we need to contact you about this.

If you do not have proof of address, please return your forms anyway and have a chat with the receptionist.

If you cannot find your NHS number, or you are new to the country and have never been given one, this won't stop you from registering, but we may require some additional identity documents (ID), eg passport, driving licence, asylum document, bank or benefits statement.  These ID documents are only to ensure we trace the correct health record for you, or we can set up with a new NHS number with the correct details.  Not having ID will not stop you from registering with us.

Registration is usually completed two working days after you have returned your forms.

Please note: you need both of the two forms below filled in and returned to ensure the practice can process your request

Below are the links to the two forms



New patient Questionnaire