Rock Court Surgery

4 Crystal Close, Old Swan, Liverpool, L13 2GA
Dr Paul J Sherwood (Male) || Dr David R Ball (Male)



How to make a Comment or Complaint

Rock Court Surgery is a patient centred practice committed to providing the best possible treatment and care.

To achieve this we would welcome positive comments but also need to know if we fail to meet your expectations.

If something is wrong please let us know.  Rock Court Surgery would like you to tell us if you have any concerns as this means we may be able to quickly resolve the issue, and it will help us provide the kind of service you and others want.

We ask that you contact the practice manager as soon as possible in the event of a complaint, in writing if possible.  Your complaint will be noted and discussed with the relevant members of the practice team.  You may be asked to come in to discuss your problems with one of the Doctors.  You will be kept informed of the steps that are being taken and the outcome of your complaint.

The Practice has a red suggestion box in the waiting room and also a Patient Participation Group please ask at reception if you are interested.

We aim to:

  • Improve the quality of our service by acting on lessons learned from any complaint.
  • Be fair to both you and our staff.
  • Respond as quickly as possible
  • Have an open and honest approach aimed at satisfying your concerns.

You can use the online form provided on our Contact page.