Rock Court Surgery – Statement of Purpose

The name and address of the registered provider is:

Rock Court Surgery

4 Crystal Close, off St. Oswald’s Street

Liverpool L13 2GA

Location ID: 1-547443057

Registered Manager: Dr Ball, Dr Sherwood

Practice Managers: Jenny Hancox

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (The Care Quality Commission Regulations), the registering body (Rock Court Surgery) is required to provide to the CQC a Statement of Purpose.


Our Aims and Objectives:

To provide a high quality of medical care for our registered patients and improve the health status of our practice population,

To ensure safe, effective services are delivered in a clean environment,

To maintain a skilled Primary Health Care Team through continuous learning and training,

To be courteous, approachable and to act with confidentiality, respect and integrity,

To ensure effective governance,

To perform and monitor clinical audits.


The Regulated  Activities Under CQC

Diagnostic and screening procedures.

Maternity and midwifery services.

Treatment of disease, disorder or injury.

Contact Us

Rock Court Surgery
4 Crystal Close
Old Swan
L13 2GA
Tel: Tel: 0151 228 0672
Fax: Fax: 0151 228 0298